Tuesday, 11 September 2012

TARDIS Tuesday: Wot? No Police Box!

The TARDIS not a Police Box? Heaven forbid!

The arrival of Colin Baker as the sixth Doctor in 1984 co-incided with the news story that The Doctor himself was to lose his TARDIS, or more to the point the Police Box exterior which had been familiar to tv viewers by then for twenty years.

"Police Boxes are a a thing of the past" then Doctor Who producer John Nathan -Turner explained to The Sun's Charles Catchpole at the time, "I think the last  one in England went about four years ago and a whole generation of children has grown up believing the box to be a Tardis and nothing else."

The report continued that the box would be phased out during the next Doctor Who series with Colin Baker saying: "It's a shame but I take John's point. Originally the Tardis was supposed to blend in with its surroundings and when the show started there were police boxes all over the place".

Thankfully a public outcry made the production team rethink their decision and the following years story Attack of The Cybermen only featured a few failed attempts by The Doctor to change the TARDIS shape.

Nearly three decades on, The TARDIS still retains its trusty Police Box shape!


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