Tuesday, 16 October 2012

TARDIS Tuesday: By Gummidge It's Jon Pertwee!

The Scarecrow and The Rook
Daily Express - 1980
Rifling through my old cuttings I've found several articles featuring the Third Doctor Jon Pertwee and as October has been christened #Pertober by an elite of Whovian's on Twitter I thought it might be nice to pay tribute to the Third Doctor myself over the coming weeks.

This interview from 1980 was conducted by Jean Rook in the Daily Express. At this time, Pertwee was playing Worzel Gummidge on television however this interview has a broad look at his career to date including his time on Doctor Who.

In the interview Pertwee compares playing Worzel to The Doctor: "I like Worzel a lot better than Dr.Who. You couldnt make love to Dr.Who could you? He was so weird, even I couldn't touch him."

However; Pertwee does talk of his stint as The Doctor with pride: " because Dr.Who was my first chance to be myself. I'd always fancied myself as one of those tall silver-haired Wilfred Hyde White types who crack American movies but I never made it.

"I was proud of my work on Who, keeping him down to earth. I made the Daleks cross Westminster Bridge. I've this theory that people get a big buzz from being frightened in their own surroundings."

Not sure where Jon got his reference from making The Daleks cross Westminster Bridge from, as that happened in the 1964 Hartnell story The Dalek Invasion Of Earth...


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