Friday, 2 November 2012

Badge Friday: Always Use The Green Cross Code

This weeks badge Friday recalls something I think many of today's children could benefit with paying attention too - and many grown ups gently reminded!

Growing up in the 1970s it was pretty standard as a child to be constantly reminded of the dangers of crossing the road.

That's why many of us learnt The Green Cross Code - so we could cross the road safely - and thanks to a successful TV campaign many paid heed to it!

Many of you are probably laughing as you read this. Probably because these days very few people actually use basic common sense when crossing the road. Raising three children myself I find it particularly hard telling them not to do what many grown ups do as well as other children when stepping into the path of an oncoming vehicle because they are in a hurry.

Where oh where is The Green Cross Man when we need him these days?

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