Sunday, 27 January 2013

CD Review: The Bee Gees - Mythology (Box Set)

Many legendary bands are currently celebrating five decades of success; The Bee Gees are no exception, despite the sad passing of Robin Gibb last year.

Mythology is a 4 CD collection originally issued in 2010 and featuring hand picked choices from Barry, Robin and the families of the late Maurice and Andy (who had a solo career in the late 70s).

The wealth of the Bee Gees material reflects strongly in each of the four featured discs dedicated to the four Gibb brothers. Well known hits can be found interspersed with rare B sides, solo outings and choice album tracks.

Among the highlights are the groundbreaking 60s hits New York Mining Disaster and I’ve Gotta Get A Message To You, through the 70s disco glory years of Saturday Night Fever and Tragedy to Robin Gibb’s now rarely heard 80s disco hit Juliet, previously unreleased tracks from Maurice and Andy and Barry’s surreal psychedelic offering Barker of The UFO.

Accompanied by a book featuring a wealth of fabulous photographs and tributes from stars such as Elton John, Cliff Richard and George Martin, Mythology is a timely and fitting tribute.

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