Sunday, 27 January 2013

Jimmy Perry Warns Miranda Hart About Perils Of Making Movies

Dad's Army creator and script writer Jimmy Perry has warned TV comedienne Miranda Hart of "a bumpy ride and a long way to the Academy Awards!" if she turns her sit-com Miranda into a movie.

Jimmy and David Croft famously transferred the Dad's Army series to the big screen back in 1971 when it was voted fifth funniest film of the year.

It has been well-documented over the years that making the Dad's Army feature film was not a pleasant experience for either its writers or the cast and Jimmy described the film in yesterday's Daily Mail as : "funny in places, but couldn't capture the atmosphere of the series."

Jimmy goes on to say that the film received a cool reception from critics and for years he couldn't watch it, however having caught it more recently he has now decided its actually "not that bad!".

I have to agree, considering many other comedy adaptations of the era, the Dad's Army film stands head and shoulders above most and continues to be enjoyed because of the great performances and enjoyable script.

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