Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Maindee Festival Videos - Holika and Loren Balaam

I love recording stuff on my video camera, and if you asked my family they'd probably tell you I'm frequently stood two miles behind them on a walk while I'm recording material for posterity in either photographs or video!

One of the favourite things I like to capture occasionally are live bands, no, not at the paid-for gigs where you are bound to wind-up fellow punters who've spent a fortune on tickets, but festival environments where you get to see fresh up and coming talent.

One such event was Maindee Festival last year where I went along on an extremely wet July day to see some of the local-based acts I'd been writing about or communicating with for The Guide.

I didn't get to see ToyPOP! on this day as their scheduled performance had been swapped around, but I did get to see Holika, Loren Balaam, Rusty Shackle and Ragora Khort.

I've just uploaded two performances I recorded on that day from Holika and Loren Balaam. 

Holika sadly split up last September, I hope these guys continue in their individual musical paths as their Demonstrations EP is really excellent and all band members seemed extremely accomplished in their musicianship.

Loren Balaam is going from strength to strength and a regular performer at music festivals - I'm sure we will hear more from her in 2013!

Here are a few pictures I took at last years Maindee Festival

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