Sunday, 10 February 2013

Retro Vinyl: Them - Historia De La Musica Rock, Volume 45 (1982)

I probably didn't get into Them until the late 80s when a rerun of Ready Steady Go featured the Irish rhythm n blues combo in one episode. 

This compilation features 12 great tracks recorded by Them between 1964 and 1966. Baby Please Don't Go is an excellent bluesy single from the 60s with great vocal from Van Morrison as is the rocker Gloria (later covered by U2) and Here Comes The Night (also recorded by Lulu). My favourite points are the blues standards including Paul Simon's adaptation of Edwin Arlington Robinson's Richard Cory and I Put A Spell On You.

I seem to remember purchasing this LP, Volume 45 in a series called Historia De La Musica Rock, from a Record Sale in W.H.Smith's. Darlington, County Durham in 1988. I don't think I would have paid more than  £2 for it and its always struck me as a rather odd release because of its foreign title.

A quick Google reveals Historia De La Musica Rock was part of a 100 volume collection attempting to document the history of popular rock music with reissues or compilations dedicated to specific artists - a nice idea for its time!

Heaven knows how this found itself into W.H. Smith's in Darlington though, although I do remember often seeing a lot of foreign releases by 60s bands in there, and used to spend hours perusing their vinyl sales.

This edition (Volume 45) was released on Decca in 1982 and appears to be a direct repackage of The World of Them from 1970 (also released on Decca Records).

For a completest look at Historia De La Musica Rock visit Rate Your Music.

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