Monday, 4 March 2013

Recalling 1963: The Merseybeats' Tony Crane Remembers Band Beginnings

I recently interviewed Merseybeats front man Tony Crane who recalled the early days of the popular Liverpool band that debuted in the British charts 50 years ago with the record: It's Love That Really Counts.

The Merseybeats who are currently touring the UK with The Solid Silver 60s show with the likes of Mike Pender's Searchers, Wayne Fontana and Dave Berry, were originally named The Mavericks until Cavern Club DJ and booking agent Bob Wooller renamed them for an important date. 

 “The local paper came out. We ran down to The Cavern – because we lived within running distance." recalls Tony " I said: ‘You said you were booking us on this, there’s some other band on called the Merseybeats. Who are they?"

“Bob said: ‘No, that’s, yourselves’, and we went: ‘Oh no, you might as well have called us The Liverpool Echo!"

Mersey beat was only the name of the paper, the music was never called Mersey beat: we thought music was the Mersey sound, the ‘beat’ came in much later on.”

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