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Retro Vinyl: Walkin' With The Shadows (Music For Pleasure, 1970)

Music For Pleasure's Shadows compilations released in the 1970s were a bit of a goldmine as far as collectors were concerned.

Unlike Cliff Richard's Music For Pleasure releases, which were usually repackages of old albums, Shadows compilations were made up of rare B-sides and EP tracks, in some cases released for the first time in stereo.

The first Shadows LP to appear on Music For Pleasure was in 1970 (MFP1388) and although christened Walkin' With The Shadows on the label, only The Shadows name features on the record cover.

There are at least three variation sleeves of this release.

The original cover featuring four individual sepia portraits of Hank Marvin, Bruce Welch, Brian Bennett and John Rostill set against a blue background seems to have been replaced very quickly with an atractive full colour sleeve of the boys (illustrated above).

I picked up my copy during the 1990s purely for the sleeve literally for pennies.

There was also an overseas version (MFP5501) produced in Germany, again with a different cover and this time using the heads of Hank, Bruce, Brian and John (lifted from the cover of 1965's Sound of The Shadows) stuck on to cartoon birds (certainly one of the more unusual Shadows LP covers).

Unlike the British release it doesnt retain the Walkin' With title but does attempt to date the recordings in this case, with the completely inaccurate year of 1966.  My copy was found in a second-hand shop called Something Old, Something New in Catterick Garrison.

The shop usually dealt with second hand goods bought from departing soldiers who were been based elsewhere across the world and was a goldmine for records  and books, I purchased this release on June 13, 1985 ( I used to meticulously date albums as I purchased them!).

Here's the track list for Walkin' With The Shadows, itself a neat compilation and all in stereo.

I've also listed the tracks original years of release and sources.

Side 1
  1. Walkin' (Wonderful Life, Album Soundtrack LP, 1964)
  2. All My Sorrows (The Shadows, Album, 1961)
  3. Little B (Out of The Shadows, Album, 1962)
  4. Las Tres Carabelas (Los Shadows, EP, 1963)
  5. Fourth Street (Shadow Music, Album, 1966)
  6. Sweet Dreams (The Boys, EP, 1962)

Side 2
  1. Ranka-Chank (Rhythm N Greens, EP, 1964)
  2. What A Lovely Tune (Guitar Tango, Single B Side, 1962)
  3. Semi Detatched Surburban Mr James (Jigsaw, Album, 1967)
  4. Blue Sky, Blue Sea, Blue Me (The Sound Of the Shadows, Album, 1965)
  5. Running Out Of World*  (London's Not Too Far, B Side, 1967)
  6. I Wish I Could Shimmy Like My Sister Arthur (The War Lord, Single B side, 1965)

* Running Out Of World is wrongly listed Running Out Of This World on all versions of the album. It was originally the B side of Hank B Marvin's solo single London's Not Too Far released at the beginning of 1968.

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