Sunday, 24 March 2013

Retro Vinyl: The World Of TV Themes by Various Artists (Decca,1972)

Decca Records The World Of TV Themes was originally released in 1972 and slotted in to Decca's series of World Of compilations, which were released on the Decca/Argo labels between 1968 and 1980,

I found my copy in a charity shop in Askham, York for around 25p in 1994.

I bought the album at the time for the original versions of The Monty Python's Flying Circus and The Onedin Line theme tunes (the LP cover features a photograph of the schooner The Charlotte Rhodes from The Onedin Line).

However this LP did unlock a few other memories from childhood, particularly the beautiful theme to the drama series Family At War and the Murgatroyd Band's theme to Magpie.

As an album its almost too eclectic, The Murgatroyd Band (in reality The Spencer Davis Group) don't sit too comfortably next to recordings by The Vienna Philarmonic Orchestra or Sir Adrian Boult, though if looking for individual tracks and original versions to boot, it is a bit of a goldmine.

Tracks included: The Onedin line, A Family At War, Magpie, Going For A Song, The Sky At Night, Personal Cinema, The Flaxton Boys, The Forsyte Saga, Peyton Place, This Week, Casanova, Monty Python's Flying Circus.

  • For further information on some 600 World of... titles released by Decca and Argo check out this comprehensive guide on Rate Your Music

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