Saturday, 27 April 2013

Retro Vinyl: The Best Of The Seekers (Columbia, 1968)

Here's a vinyl album I found in a Healthy Planet shop a couple of weeks ago.

I've long loved the music of the 60s Australian folk-pop group The Seekers. As a child their singles were regularly played in our home, The Carnival Is Over been a particular favourite.

There were also a couple of well loved albums too. I'm not sure what it was that drew me to The Seekers, Judith Durham's beautiful melodic voice, Athol Guy's firm but sturdy double bass that held the back bone of the songs together or Keith Potger and Bruce Woodley's intricate guitar sounds and steadfast harmonising.

The Seekers have always held a special place on my iPod particularly their 1964 Tom Springfield composed number one I'll Never Find Another You, a song which is as spiritual as it is folk ballad. On discovery of The Best Of The Seekers (Columbia, 1968), I couldn't resist giving this vinyl mono copy a good home and a spin at the earliest opportunity.

I love how The Seekers vocals and music sounds just as powerful in mono as in stereo. Many people forget these days that it was the mono versions that took artists into the charts during the 60s, so it was important to maximise a great sound onto a mono recording, especially as it would do battle with weaving airwaves on radio to get airplay on radio.

This album is a fine representation of The Seekers chart success including the Number Ones I'll Never Find Another You and The Carnival Is Over as well as the film theme to Georgy Girl, the popular theme to Junior Choice Morningtown Ride and classic hits Someday One Day (written by Paul Simon) and When Will The Good Apples Fall. There's also the mono version of Walk With Me which differs considerably to the stereo take in tempo.

The album cover itself features The Seekers in dapper style which looks like an image taken from their Morningtown Ride promo film.

Although comprehensive collections of The Seekers material has been released I think it would be great if these albums were reissued on CD in both mono and stereo formats with original album artwork.

The Seekers are currently embarking on their 50th anniversary tour, with dates planned for the UK in the autumn. For latest news on The Seekers visit their official website.

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