Saturday, 6 April 2013

Retro Vinyl: Hit Kaleidoscope by Various Artists (Note Records, 1975)

Heres an LP I found in a charity shop in Yate around 10 years ago.

Released on EMI's Note Records label, Hit Kaleidoscope has to be one of the most bizarre finds I've ever come across because I find it hard to categorise it.

As well as featuring tunes by notable crooners Matt Monro, Roger Whittaker, Ken Dodd, Malcolm Roberts and Vince Hill it also features several novelty tracks from the likes of Benny Hill, The Wurzels, Clive Dunn and Windsor Davies with Don Estelle.

I imagine when this was unleashed to the record buying public in 1975, Hit Kaleidoscope probably had more appeal to the older generation than the young ones.

Although how Bimbo Jet's 74 ' disco smash El Bimbo sits alongside music by Manuel and His Music Of The Mountains, The Simon Park Orchestra, Shirley Bassey, the Fivepenny Piece  and The Seekers is a mystery to me.

However, looking at the charts of 1976 and particularly any edition of Top Of The Pops from that era its probably not too hard to work out, eclecticism was the order of the day.

Anyone dismissing this album as rubbish should tread carefully, it could have been a lot worse at least we were spared JJ Barrie's No Charge and anything by the Bay City Rollers!

Besides I think there's a nice family entertainment value to it, probably the vinyl equivalent to 1970s light entertainment.

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