Monday, 15 April 2013

Retro Vinyl: Tracey Ullman - You Broke My Heart In 17 Places (1983)

Although by no means the first album I owned, Tracey Ullman's You Broke My Heart in 17 Places  was the first chart album I remember going to Woolworth's to buy back in 1983 (for £4.49).

Tracey of course was a big deal on British TV at the time, a regular fixture particularly as a comedienne on BBC TV's Three of A Kind alongside Lenny Henry and David Copperfield (no, not the magician).

Her music career kicked off in 1983 when she was signed to Madness' record label Stiff Records and for a while she had a succession of popular hits with such luminaries as Paul McCartney, Hank Marvin and then Labour leader Neil Kinnock making guest appearances in her videos.

Among Tracey's hits on this album (which featured several written and performing contributions from Kirsty MacColl) were Breakaway, They Don't Know and Move Over Darling (or as some of my schoolmates referred to it at the time Move Over Wotsit).

The album carried a real 60s vibe to it and featured several notable tracks including Life Is A Rock (But The radio Rolled Me), Shattered, a cover of Dusty's I Close My Eyes and Count To Ten and Susan Maughan's Bobby's Girl.

Tracey's pop career was pretty much over by 1985, having fled to America to pursue the next phase of her TV and film career.

My passion for Tracey was quickly forgotten too, having discovered both Bananarama and Madonna, the once well-played LP was forgotten about only to be swapped in 1988 for a copy of The Darling Buds' Pop Said.

However, I sort of regretted swapping the LP about 6 months after I'd done it and it was a trip to a Car Boot sale in York in the early 90s I found another copy of the album for 50p so I bought it again!

This copy has remained with me, I particularly love the retro cover of Tracey in many different character modes.

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