Saturday, 29 June 2013

Abertillery Blues Festival Interviews

Nick Pini
Over the month of June I've interviewed four headlining music acts that will appear at this years Abertillery Blues Festival which takes place July 12 and 13 at Abertillery Park, Abertillery, South Wales.

The acts interviewed were Nick Pini, Henry's Funeral Shoe, Mud Morganfield and Grainne Duffy.

Nick Pini is recognised in the music industry for his distinctive guitar sound he has played alongside many greats including BB King and Chris Farlowe, and he was once described by Eric Clapton as the legitimate successor to Fleetwood Mac’s Peter Green. 

Nick who told me "The Blues nothing but the Blues" inspired him to take up music back in 1960 answered a brief Q and A for me recently. 

Henry's Funeral Shoe
Aled Clifford of Henry's Funeral Shoe  has visited Abertillery Blues festival many times in the past as a member of the audience. 

On this occasion, Aled and his brother Brennig will be playing to fans: “Abertillery Blues Festival is something I’ve gone to for a couple of years, so to go as an artist is going to be really enjoyable,” he says, “We’re going to be playing some new songs, we’ll be playing old songs, we’ll be playing some crowd pleasers.”

Mud Morganfield
Mud Morganfield is not only the son of the legendary Muddy Waters but also a recording artist in his own right.

Mud will be performing some of his fathers songs as well as his own: “ There will be a bunch of young people who never got chance to see my father live, so this is a great opportunity to give them a glimpse of what it might have been like,” he says.

Grainne Duffy
Irish singer/songwriter Grainne Duffy will be performing songs from her second album Test Of Time

Grainne feels the title track sums her up the best: “It displays what the band sounds like live. If you listen to that you’ll have an idea what you’ll get when you come to see us, soul, blues and rock.”

Read The Interviews In Full:

Other acts featured at the 2013 Abertillery Blues Festival include The Blockheads, Marcus Bonfanti, Jo Harman and The Nightporters. Check out the full schedule plus booking details at The Official Abertillery Blues Festival website.

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