Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Chantel McGregor in Words and Music

Chantel McGregor
As well as going to gigs and concerts I also really enjoy interviewing musicians. Sometimes they can be a bit prickly, clearly not wanting to be interviewed but that was certainly not the case for singer/songwriter Chantel McGregor when I interviewed for The Guide back in January. I found Chantel charming and really passionate about her work which made my job so much easier as I had plenty to write about!

Chantel, 26, whose father is also a musician was playing her fathers guitars from been a toddler: “As soon as I could walk I’d go over to the couch and detune them for him,” she told me, “so as soon as I was three he said ‘right she needs a guitar now of her own’.”

Chantel released her debut album back in 2011 but doesn't get tied down by any specific genre despite comparisons to musicians such as Jimi Hendrix and Stevie Nicks. "My music isn’t really one style it’s not just rock or pop,", she told me,  "the album’s got so many different genres on it. I just look at it as Chantel music now.”

Chantel has just released a cover version of Bruno Mars track Grenade on YouTube, after you've checked that out read my complete interview with her over on The Argus website: Meet Chantel McGregor

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