Saturday, 15 June 2013

Saturday Superstore: Tony Blackburn's ChartBuster Game

Chartbuster Advert,
Hotspur, 1971
Visiting Newport markets comic fair today I purchased around 12 vintage comics from the 1970s.

Not only are these comics great for the artwork they feature but also for some the adverts contained within them.

Although the regular Saturday Superstore feature ended some time ago, I thought this great little advert featuring Radio 1 DJ Tony Blackburn (from Hotspur, dated October 23, 1971) was worth a look.

It promoted the Chartbuster game which as Tony describes in the ad "...creates all the thrills and excitement of the pop world. it makes you the pop star, getting bookings, recording and trying to get your songs in the charts. It's a great game!"

I wonder how many people found this among their presents on Christmas morning, 1972?

For more details on the game itself visit games2collect website

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