Sunday, 9 June 2013

Ten More Music For Pleasure Album Covers

Blast From Your Past - Ringo Starr
Blast From Your Past by Ringo Starr was reissued on MFP in the early 1980s using a photo of Ringo on its cover from The Beatles White Album!

Cliff Richard - Live!
This live Cliff Richard album from the mid 70s gave UK fans to hear an album that had previously been released abroad. It had  been released under the title Cliff Goes East and as well as featuring members of The Shadows backing him also had backing vocals by Olivia Newton John.

The Stars Sing 
Lennon & McCartney
Several albums paid homage to the songwriting talents of John Lennon and Paul McCartney, The Stars Sing Lennon and McCartney was released in the mid 1980s featuring contributions from artists such as Peter Sellers, Lulu, Ike and Tina Turner and The Bedrocks.

Sings Music For Pleasure
Back in the 60s Music For Pleasure launched their easy listening series with style featuring albums from the likes of Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra. Sinatra Sings Music For Pleasure from 1966 featured several late 50s tracks from Frank, a stylish album cover and a Capitol record label!

The Best of The Monkees
The Best of The Monkees started off life as Refocus in 1972 before been reissued on several labels around the world as well as twice on Music For Pleasure. The Retrospace history of the LP can be found here!

Benny Hill Sings Ernie
TV Comedian Benny Hill reached Number One in 1971 with his single Ernie, he also released an album on Columbia Records which later got a reissue on Music For Pleasure.

Walkin' With The Shadows
The Shadows first Music For Pleasure album Walkin With The Shadows was a compilation of album tracks and B Sides.

Favourites of The Forties
By the 1980s Music For Pleasure, had several decades worth of music to create compilation albums from. Here's a  rarer visit to the 1940s, Favourites Of The Forties was made up of tracks from Carmen Miranda, Ella Fitzgerald, Perry Como and Nat Cole before he became a King.

Heres an MFP reissue of Impact, a record that was previously issued as part of EMI's Studio Two Series including stereo tracks from Joe Loss, Norrie Paramor, Acker Bilk  and Manuel & The Music Of The Mountains!

Vince Hill had much chart success in the late 1960s, his best known hit was Edelweiss. Here's a 1971 album by Vince called Daydreaming featuring standards such as Danny Boy and covers of songs such as The Kinks Waterloo Sunset. This album was released on Music For Pleasure's Sounds Superb label.

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