Wednesday, 24 July 2013

CD Review: The Stranglers - The Old Testament The UA Studio Recordings (1977-1982)

Recent reruns of Top of The Pops from 1977 and 1978 have confirmed that few bands from the punk era broke into the mainstream music scene quite as effectively as the Stranglers.

Performing every other week in tee shirts, jeans and leather jackets , the Guildford quartet merged electric guitars, masterful keyboard playing and punk poetry with songs such as No More Heroes and a watered down version of the politically incorrect Peaches.

Whether it was intentional or not, their music became accessible. A gritty version of Bacharach and David's Walk On By which probably owed more to the style of The Doors Light My Fire became an enormous airplay hit. By 1982, they could do no wrong delivering classics such as Golden Brown and Strange Little Girl .

The Stranglers : The Old Testament - The UA Studio Recordings (1977-1982) encompasses album tracks, A Sides , B Sides,  a rarities disc and a cool accompanying booklet documenting their edgy rock beginnings through to pop classic connoisseurs and still standing up as edgy and powerful as when they first emerged nearly four decades ago.

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