Monday, 22 July 2013

Mozez Releases A Tribute To The Legendary Bruce Lee - Be Like Water

Singer/songwriter Mozez has written Be Like Water – A tribute to Bruce Lee commemorating the 40th Anniversary of his passing, capturing his key philosophies and outlook on life, and written with the blessing of Bruce Lee’s daughter, Shannon Lee. 

The release also coincides with another track - Broken Toy, which is featured on Mozez latest album The Absolute

Mozez recently spoke to me about the tracks:

You have recently completed work on the soundtrack for a documentary on Bruce Lee - how did that come about?
One of the managers of Bruce Lee Enterprise knew of my work and invited me to work on the project. Of course being a huge fan of Bruce Lee  I jumped at the opportunity.
Broken Toy - what was the inspiration behind that?
I was going through a period of difficulty in my personal life, and was very hard on myself  as we tend to do. I remember speaking with my Mom one dark moment and she said "life can  be a walk in the park depending on your expectation of yourself”; those were the words that inspired this song.
Broken Toy is about self-examination, encouragement and hope . It was written during  recession years.. the song became a sort of reality check for me, I hope it will be to others. 

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