Monday, 29 July 2013

Retro Books: Cliff Richard - The Way I See It (Hodder and Stoughton, 1968)

I was going through a few boxes in the loft yesterday and i came across a few titles I forgot I had, one such was Cliff Richard's The Way I See It written in 1968, although my edition is a 1970 reprint. Cliff has been known to produce many books over his career , many of which I suspect were ghost-written (After all how could someone as busy as Cliff find time to sit down and write books).

Anyhow this title came at a significant time in Cliff's life as he speaks a lot about his then recent conversion to the Christian faith as well as opinions on working with the Shadows, ongoing world events like Vietnam. drugs, sex,  and of course the church.

In the chapter My Favourite Book Cliff points out that although he used to say Wuthering Heights was his favourite book (and nearly three decades later he would star in a musical version of the story) he now tells the reader The Bible is his favourite book.

As for his films he states his favourite role was his most recent turn in the Billy Graham foundation funded Two a Penny even though he was playing an Atheist.

Undoubtedly The Way I See It captures Cliff at the beginning of a great personal journey, his observations are concise and forthright his thoughts on The Beatles for instance: "As entertainers I think they're great. I believe their first few records really changed pop music...  I'm not so keen on their later records, where they seem to have lost the idea of melody...

On his new-found faith he concludes: "We need Christ, and that includes me.. I know him because hes changed my life and I'd like to think you might get to know him too.."

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