Thursday, 25 July 2013

Retro Comic Strips: Prisoner On The Moon

Comic strip: Prisoner On The Moon

Publication: The Hotspur

Year: 1970

Dateline: The Future

Story Intro Description: Falsely accused of treason. Sergeant Ken Courage of the Western Nations Space Frontier Police, had been condemned to life imprisonment in the robot guarded prison on the moon. Determined to escape, Courage and his friend, Alan Hobbs had followed underground tunnels to reach the rear of the robot control area where the essential air supply was kept. But the robots threatened to kill four of the prisoners unless Courage and Hobbs were found immediately...

Review: This four page Sci-Fi yarn sees Courage ducking and diving from robots all over the underground caverns of the moon prison.. Courage and his friend eventually put on the casings of deactivated robots so they can make their way to the moon surface... though God knows what they'll do when they get there!

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