Thursday, 18 July 2013

Retro Comic Strips: The Tiger Boy of Gandor (Hotspur, 1970)

Comic Strip: The Tiger Boy of Gandor

Publication: The Hotspur

Year: 1970

Story dateline: Second World War

Story Intro Description: Tami, a Burmese temple boy vowed vengeance against the Japanese invaders who destroyed his village, Gandor in World War II. His allies were the British forces - and his lifelong friend Kadu , the sacred tiger of the village temple.

Review: This instalment from The Hotspur No.561 dated July 18, 1970 sees Tami and Kadu framed for killing locals in a native village by Colonel Hashido, who had in turn destroyed Tami's village.

Tami and Kadu prove their innocence but not before wiping out a killer tiger, some Japanese soldiers and nearly the dreaded Colonel himself.

This serial runs over two pages makes gripping reading with a style reminiscent of the old black and white movie serials of  a few decades earlier in atmosphere.

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