Monday, 1 July 2013

Retro Vinyl Finds: Anita Harris, Stan Freberg and Harry Roy

Anita Harris - Love To Sing
Here's three vinyl LP's I found in Newport's Healthy Planet store on Saturday.

The first is a TV advertised release from 1976 featuring popular singer and actress Anita Harris. I remember having a bit of a crush on Anita as a child and particularly remember her appearances alongside TV magician David Nixon.

Love to Sing (WW 5015) was released on Warwick Records and featured Anita singing modern day hits such as When Will I See You Again and You Are The Sunshine Of My Life plus re-recordings of her classic 60s  hits Just Loving You and The Anniversary Waltz.

Stan Freberg - The Best Of
I seem to be drawn to EMI's budget Music For Pleasure albums in my vinyl finds at the moment, perhaps because their releases were so diverse and I actually love a lot of the material the llabel put out both for the music and the packaging.

The Best Of Stan Freberg (MFP 50390) looks like it dates from the mid-1970s and is a reissue of an album previously released on Capitol in 1963. 

Although it states on the sleeve the album is Mono, a footnote on the rear sleeve says This STEREO record can also be played with a suitable MONO pick-up. Love the caricatured artwork.

Harry Roy & His Band
Another MFP release and this time a mid 70s reissue of a self-titled album by Harry Roy & His Band (MFP 50334) previously released on MFP in the 60s. 

Still in mono and looking seriously retro thanks to Barry Thorpe's cover artwork,this LP features the tag line "the genuine sound of the thirties!"

There are also informative sleeve notes from music journalist Roger St Pierre, whose name pops up on several MFP releases from the 60s to the 80s.

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