Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Retro Vinyl: George Melachrino - Stardust (Music For Pleasure, 1960s)

The George Melachrino Strings Stardust LP was originally released in 1960 (Regal REG. 1011) and is a collection of popular tunes from the era. Among them are the title track Stardust, La Vie En Rose (Take Me To Your Heart Again), Begin The Beguine and Diane (much later a chart topper for The Bachelors).

Melachrino himself was a musician, movie composer and musical director whom at one point held up with as high regard as Mantovani as far as light music output was concerned.

My version of Stardust was released by MFP (MFP1020)  in the mid 60s and according to the sleeve notes shortly after Melachrino's tragic death.

As far as a collection of light music numbers is concerned this album has some appeal. Once upon a time this type of melodic material was commonplace on the radio, so it was nice to hear melodies presented in such a manner once again and particularly well done.

The cover art is a starscape image from the California Institute of Technology.

Side 1
  1. Stardust                      
  2. Donkey Serenade                   
  3. They Didn't Believe Me                     
  4. Diane (I'm In Heaven When I See Your Smile)                    
  5. Tenderly                     
  6. Park Avenue Waltz        

Side 2 
  1. Begin The Beguine                
  2. Blue Room                 
  3. Why Do I Love You?            
  4. Indian Summer                      
  5. Kiss Me Again                       
  6. La Vie En Rose (Take Me To Your Heart Again)

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