Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Retro Vinyl: The Shadows At The Movies (Music For Pleasure, 1977)

By my ninth birthday I had well and truly been hit with the record bug. Having requested The Shadows 20 Golden Greats as a present from my mother I found I still had a few pounds over to purchase some further vinyl.

I was therefore quite chuffed to find The Shadows At The Movies in the Music For Pleasure stand at the Dovecot Street Asda store in Stockton On Tees back in 1977.

This album pretty much does what it says on the tin and culls tracks from films The Shadows contributed to back in the 1960s. Opening with their 1963 Number one hit Foot Tapper from Summer Holiday we are then taken back to 1962 to sample music from the film The Boys of which The Shadows were assigned to compose music for. Side one then concludes with two instrumentals from the film Wonderful Life.

Side two kicks off with the theme from the 1961 feature film The Frightened City before a rare vocal performance from the 1966 film Finders Keepers and then tracks from the rarely seen Shadows screen venture Rhythm N Greens.

I lapped the contents of this album up for many years mainly because the music from The Boys and Rhythm N Greens remains some of the strongest of the bands 60s output for me.

With hindsight and obviously the event of CD compilations, there are a few glaring omissions if you want to be a completest here, the music the boys recorded for The Young Ones,Thunderbirds Are Go, Maroc 7, The Warlord and two remaining Summer Holiday instrumentals would make a fabulous CD compilation if this album should ever be revisited (and really it should!)

Check out the Amazon MP3 playlist below to compile the original album for your iPod, I've also added my suggested bonus tracks to the playlist for additional enjoyment!

The Shadows At The Movies, MFP 50347, 1977
Side 1
  1. Foot Tapper (From Summer Holiday)
  2. Sweet Dreams (From The Boys)
  3. The Boys (From The Boys)
  4. The Girls (From The Boys)
  5. Theme From "The Boys" (From The Boys)
  6. Walkin' (From Wonderful Life)
  7. Theme For Young Lovers (From Wonderful Life)
Side 2
  1. The Frightened City (From The Frightened City)
  2. My Way (From Finders Keepers)
  3. Main Theme (From Rhythm N Greens)
  4. The Drum Number (From Rhythm N Greens)
  5. Ranka-Chank (From Rhythm N Greens)
  6. The Lute Number (From Rhythm N Greens)
  7. Rhythm And Greens (From Rhythm N Greens)

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