Sunday, 21 July 2013

Robot Wars Still Rule at Newport Centre

3... 2... 1... Activate!

Its official! You can’t keep the concept of a classic TV series down as three heats of The 2013 Robot Wars UK championship at Newport Centre proved this weekend.

Robot Wars still has immense appeal both for those of us old enough to remember the TV Series and also to a new generation of fans, such as my children who weren’t even born when the final episode aired.

As the robots descended on the arena for the championship final on Sunday afternoon it was clear the excitement had been building up into frenzy from previous heats. Not only were the robots doing battle with each other, they were also facing their biggest foe in the shape of the battle arena that withheld a deadly flipper and a pit to render any unsuspecting robot deactivated. Anything could happen and literally did…

The robots however came in thick and fast and all with grand names. Thor, Ripper, Beast and Eruption took on the likes of Iron Ore 5, Toon Raider 2 and long standing competitors Behemoth.

Smaller robots such as the quaintly titled Cherub showed much in the way of flexibility and agility although took a bit of a bashing when snared against an arena barrier or the jaws of an oncoming clean up machine such as Matilda or Damage.

Light Weight and Heavy Weight battles commenced with Eruption taking on Behemoth in a final that was almost of Biblical comparisons to David and Goliath. What a show!

3...2...1... Cease!

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