Saturday, 20 July 2013

Vinyl Finds: Robert Irving, Harry Mortimer and Geoff Love

Robert Irving Presents Philharmonic Pops
Three further vinyl finds I discovered in my Healthy Planet store a few weeks ago. Here's another early MFP reissue from the 60s featuring Philharmonic Pops (MFP 2028)  as performed by the Sinfonia of London conducted by Robert Irving.  This features a groundbreaking recording (for 1959 anyway) of The Flight Of The Bumble Bee recorded on a harpsichord.

Massed Brass Spectacular
This is a copy of Harry Mortimer and Men O' Brass Massed Brass Spectacular (SX6202) on EMI''s Columbia label from 1967. I picked this up purely because I loved the cover. Its a blatant example of sexing up a particular music genre, but I love the concept of the quintessential 60s girl with this selection of Brass instruments. This album is the mono version.

Big Western Movie Themes
Geoff Love and his Orchestra  recorded a multitude of big movie theme albums for Music For Pleasure (MFP1328) in the 60s and 70s. Big Western Movie Themes was one of the earliest of Geoff's MFP recordings giving record buyers a chance to enjoy a collection of film themes on one album...

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