Wednesday, 7 August 2013

CD Review: The Very Best Of The Proclaimers (1987-2012)

Is it really 26 years since Craig and Charlie Reid AKA The Proclaimers came to the forefront of the music charts with their hit Letter From America?

Unlike the mishmash of Stock Aitken and Waterman fodder and numerous movie songs that dominated the charts of 1987,  the sound of The Proclaimers a broad mix of pop, raw folk captured the imagination of the discerning record buyer, as did numerous follow ups including I’m Gonna Be 500 Miles and King Of The Road.

The Very Best Of The Proclaimers (1987-2012) double CD compilation pulls together the best of the brothers material and makes great listening from start to finish giving a repeat spin on classic hits and revisiting old album favourites such as I’m On My Way and Lets Get Married. Brilliant!

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