Sunday, 25 August 2013

Max Boyce all set for 40th Anniversary Celebrations

Welsh entertainer Max Boyce is celebrating 40 years in show business, yet even Max  is quite taken aback by how much time has elapsed since albums like Live At Treorchy and All The Doctors Papers reached the charts. Songs like Hymns and Arias have endured and not only become his signature tunes but found their way as anthems of popular Welsh culture.

" 40 years ago I wrote that. Frightening really!", Max recently told me, "Its quite incredible that  Flower of Scotland (by Roy Williamson) and Fields of Athenry (written by Pete St John)  have all become sort of anthems, because they were all written at the same time I wrote Hymns and Arias.They were written in late 60s, early 70s and I know the people that wrote them."

“I was writing topical songs at the time,” Max says . “I didn’t know it was going to be an anthem, I just wrote it because Wales had beaten England at Twickenham and I was moved to write this little song about the trip."

“Little did I think that 40 years later it would be sung at football matches. When Swansea played Manchester United, it was ringing out at Old Trafford.”

Max will perform a special concert at Chepstow Castle next weekend along with the Treorchy Male Voice choir and Shan Cothi. He will also be recording a live TV special on BBC1 Wales this September to celebrate his 40th anniversary.

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