Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Retro Book Finds: James Bond, Alan Whicker and Sherlock Holmes

Whicker's New World, 1985 Edition
To many he was the James Bond of  journalism, Alan Whicker was one of the few documentary makers who captured my imagination in younger years. Whickers New World accompanied an 80s TV series about America through the eyes of resident Brits.

His Last Bow, 1971 edition
Sherlock Holmes the farmer? Well we all need a retirement plan! Eight further cases of Sherlock Holmes to read!

Moonraker, 1964 Edition
Years before we had man on the moon, Ian Fleming was firing 007 in to the stars, although Moonraker apparently bares little resemblance to the later film starring Roger Moore.

Steps 100% Unofficial Special, 2000
My daughter wasnt even born when Steps originally hit the charts yet shes a huge fan now having seen them twice last year as well as meeting Faye Tozer after a performance in Rhinestone Mondays and seeing H in Josephand The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat last week. This might be an unofficial book, but is stil an essential read for a Steps fan who wants to find out why Lee Latchford Evans might want to be Han Solo for a day!

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