Friday, 30 August 2013

Retro Vinyl: Cliff Richard Live! (Music For Pleasure 50307, 1977)

 Cliff Richard Live!

Although I didn't realise it when getting this album back in 1977 this was an original LP for Music For Pleasure (MFP50307), (well as in not a reissue of an album previously released in the UK) although it had been released as an LP outside the UK.

Recorded in Japan during 1972, the album features backing vocals from Olivia Newton-John and Pat Carroll and musical accompaniment from Hank Marvin, John Farrar and Brian Bennett.
I played this album a lot when I purchased it back in the 1970s - it was my first Cliff Richard LP, and apart from featuring many classic hits such as The Young Ones, Summer Holiday and Move It! there are also some great diversions of Cliff performing a medley of Walk On By/ The Look Of Love by Burt Bacharach and Hal David and a combination of Good Old Rock N Roll including Jailhouse Rock and Great Balls Of Fire.

Cliff is also on form with introductions "Do you remember Living Doll?" he asks his adoring and appreciative Japanese fans, whilst making the standard "Once in a lifetime a really great song comes along but until it
does I'll sing one of his" jokes about Hank Marvin's The Day I Met Marie.
This is a great album to seek out if you want to hear a Cliff Richard live performance from the early 70s. Cliff actually produced several live albums, this remains one of the best ones, featuring a good range of his early material and not afraid to present the listeners with something new.

It also features three Shadows and Olivia Newton John, great friends to have around on a live album!

Final note, I purchased the album from Asda just off Dovecot Street in Stockton On Tees for £1.25 back in 1977, what a great buy!

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  1. The first record I ever bought and I loved it. I think i would've been about 7 or 8 years old at the time so around '79 or '80. Shame I faked his autograph on the front. Oh god such fond memories of my parents shouting up the stairs at me to turn it down.



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