Monday, 12 August 2013

Retro Vinyl Finds: Inside Shelley Berman and The Four And Only Seekers

Inside Shelley Berman CLP 1300
Travelling back from our annual stay in Tenby on Saturday we stopped off in Carmarthen for a few hours. I had a window of around an hour to peruse a few shops and took in a few charity shops along the way.

Many Charity Shops these days either have no vinyl or very little worth going through, or if they do, its for crazy prices. However I was pleased a few still saw fit to sell LP's for 50p, particularly The Red Cross, where I found American comedian Shelley Berman's 1958 debut album Inside Shelley Berman on HMV  and a 1969 reissue of The Seekers 1964 release Hide and Seekers on MFP.
The Four And Only Seekers MFP 1301
I was quite surprised recently to discover I no longer had a copy of Hide and Seekers, I must have lost it when I had a clearout several years ago, so it was nice to replace this one!

Interestingly and unintentionally both albums have consecutive numbers although the catalogue prefixes are different.

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