Sunday, 15 September 2013

CD Review: Chas and Dave : Gertcha! The EMI Years

Its fair to say that Chas and Dave are even more popular now as they were when their musical partnership began some 40 years ago. By the 1970s the pair were both seasoned musicians in their own right and their pub rock sound was the perfect antidote to the punk, new wave and disco genres invading the charts at the time.

Gertcha! The EMI Years is a 3 CD set bringing together everything they recorded at EMI between 1977 and 1979, just before they hit chart super-stardom.

Chas and Dave of course were originally championed by Terry Wogan on his Radio 2 breakfast show back in the 70s.

"He was one of the first ones," Chas Hodges recently told me, "We had one out called Billy Tyler, he (Wogan) loved it and it was coming out as our first single."

"EMI ballsed up with it. Naive that we were, we did have a manager to keep on at them and they said "oh yeah we’re going to release it in October!" and we said "Oh, when’s the actual release date?" and they said ""Release date of what?" and they’d forgotten all about it!"

Thankfully EMI haven't forgotten about this splendid collection  which features Billy Tyler, Gertcha! and Rabbit.

Not only can you marvel at Chas and Dave's  intricate guitar and piano playing but also savour them live as a vintage Abbey Road gig is revisited as well as a 2005 gig at The Shepherds Bush Empire on DVD.


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