Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Retro Vinyl Finds: Russ Conway, Shirley Bassey, BBC Radio Orchestra and Bill Wellings

Here's some more recent Retro Vinyl Finds, this time from the Salvation Army Charity Shop.

  • Russ Conway Plays, Russ Conway, Music For Pleasure, 1968
  • The BBC Presents 50 Years of Popular Hits, BBC Radio Orchestra, 1972
  • 20 Golden Love Songs, Shirley Bassey, Note, EMI, 1977
  • Million Seller Hits, Bill Wellings, Music For Pleasure, 1971
The albums were four for a pound on this occasion, nice retro covers!


  1. Out of interest Andy, who's conducting the BBC Radio Orchestra on that 50 Years of Popular Hits LP?

  2. Here you go Andy... Leader is Julien Gailard while conductora are Eric Rogers, Malcolm Lockyer, Norrie Paramor, Roland Shaw and Ronnie Aldrich. The album was recorded at The Camden Theatre, London and the recording is taken from a Radio 2 Broadcast, though of what it fails to tell us...



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