Monday, 16 September 2013

Stars On 45RPM : Two From The Bangles

For me, The Bangles were a great band from the 80s, Different Light particularly been one of my favourite albums in a rather grey period of time. Taking inspiration from The Beatles and The Byrds the group mixed close harmonies and jangly guitars with a feel good sound  that still sounds good nearly three decades later.

These two singles were recovered from a Dursley charity shop some 12 years ago at 20p each...

The Bangles: Walk Like An Egyptian / Angels Don't Fall In Love, CBS 6500717

Walk Like An Egyptian was a massive UK hit getting to No.3 in 1986. Who can forget Blue Peter presenters even attempting to recreate the dance? Ok, maybe we should.

This juke-box copy is different to an earlier copy I have which had a different picture sleeve design. The B Side Angels Don't Fall In Love, like the A Side was taken from the Different Light album.

The Bangles: Following/ Dover Beach, CBS BANGS 2

Unfortunately back in the 80s artists like Michael Jackson set a trend for releasing multiple tracks off albums. With the success of The Bangles Different Light album CBS opted for a similar approach of attempting to milk it dry of single releases.

Following was a dark brooding ballad sung by guitarist Michael Steele and was undoubtedly one of the highlights of Different Light, it was also the fifth single release from the album in early 1987.

Following coupled with Dover Beach (taken from The Bangles 1984 album All Over the Place) failed to make much impact on the UK charts reaching only No.55.

Listen to samples of all of the above tracks on the specially compiled widget below!

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