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Those Radio Times!: September 19, 1970

Our series of random BBC Television and radio highlights culled from Radio Times listings in years gone by continues with Saturday, September 19, 1970...

On BBC Television...

BBC1, 5.20pm, The Pink Panther Show
A mainstay of the 1970s and 1980s on British TV, the recently colourised BBC were keen to sign up a new cartoon series that had a colour in its title. Today's episodes included GI Pink, Pig-Al Patrol and In The Pink.

BBC1, 6.45pm High Adventure: Soldiers Three
A big BBC1 draw on Saturday evenings throughout the early 70s was always a movie, on this evening it was back to 1951 with Soldiers Three and an all-star cast featuring Stewart Grainger, Walter Pidgeon and David Niven (who seemed to turn up on TV in a film every week in those days - and still does!)

BBC2, 7.30pm The News and Sport
Undoubtedly the days unfolding news of the death of rock star Jimi Hendrix in London was featured on this edition of the evening news.

BBC2, 7.45pm Disco 2
Mike Harding presented the latest happening sounds on Disco 2 tonight featuring Kris Kristofferson (currently touring the UK in 2013!) Caravan and The Strawbs.

BBC1, 9.0pm, Ben Travers' Farces : Rookery Nook
Richard Briers and Arthur Lowe headlined a stalwart cast for the first of seven television adaptations of  Ben Travers' Aldwych farces. The cast of Rookery Nook also featured Irene Handl, Moray Watson, Francis de Wolff, Geoffrey Lumsden and Joan Cooper (wife of Arthur Lowe).

On BBC Radio..

BBC Radio 4, 7.00pm Desert Island Discs
Politician, Playwright and Poet AP Herbert was celebrated in a series of special programmes on the BBC this week to commemorate his 80th Birthday.

He was also Roy Plomley's guest on this weeks Desert Island Discs.

His luxury for the desert island experience was a pair of field glasses. Read AP Herbert's complete musical choices here.

BBC Radio 1 and 2, 7.30pm Star Sound
Radio 1 and 2 came together for Saturday evening music back in 1970 when Robin Boyle presented Star Sound...

BBC Radio 1 and 2, 8.0pm South Bank Pops
Arthur Fiedler conducted the BBC Concert Orchestra at London's Festival Hall for big musical sounds in the style of Boston Pops.

BBC Radio 4, 8.0pm Vintage Goons
If comedy fans were feeling nostalgic they could hear a classic helping of The Goon Show from Peter Sellers, Harry Secombe and Spike Milligan. This edition entitled The Spon Plague was originally broadcast in 1958.

BBC Radio 4, 8.30pm Saturday Night Theatre
Tom Fleming starred in John Bridie's play Dr Angelus. Tom would later play the role again on stage in Edinburgh in 1978. He was also an accomplished commentator speaking on many events including The Royal Wedding of 1981...

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  1. That can't be THE Mike Harding on Disco 2 can it?



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