Thursday, 10 October 2013

Those Radio Times! : BBC TV and Radio, October 10, 1972

Amazing to think that just over 40 years ago TV and Radio choice was so much more limited than now, although the emphasis was usually on quality and variety for the whole family.

A quick look at BBC radio 1 and 2 included Tony Brandon featuring today's story The Golden Mop read by Patricia Hayes (Radio 2, 12.2pm), the legendary Alan Freeman (Radio 1, 3pm), Radio 1 Club with Noel Edmonds from the Youth and Community Centre, Fife (Radio 1, 5pm) and After Seven: David Jacobs (Radio 2, 7.3pm).

Don Davis invited listeners to Beat The Record (Radio 2, 8.2pm) then it was time for Simon Smith to commentate The Heavyweight Boxing Championship of Europe in Championship Boxing (9.15pm) between Germany's Jurgin Blin (The Champion) and England's Joe Bugner (The Challenger). The evening would result in a victory for Bugner.

Keith Fordyce rounded off the evening on Radio 2 at 10.17pm (1500m only) with Late Night Extra while Radio 1 held reign on the VHF channel from 10pm with John Peel

Evening TV highlights on BBC1 today in 1972 included Charlie Drake in The Cracksman at 6.40pm from 1963 which amongst others featured George Sanders, Nyree Dawn Porter , Dennis Price and Ronnie Barker.

At 8.30pm John Alderton and Hannah Gordon returned for another episode of My Wife Next Door in which George (John Alderton) was unexpectedly visited by a rich uncle from New Zealand.

Tuesday's documentary at 9.25pm on BBC1 was introduced by Professor Sir David Smithers who looked at the curability of cancer in Cancer: Meeting the Challenge. Over on BBC2 at 9.25pm Eileen Atkins Michael Bryant, Charles Ky and TP McKenna  starred in The Duchess of Malfi.

Finally, some more radio highlights from today in 1972. BBC Radio 4 had a great variation of comedy drama and documentary. Just a Minute (12.25pm) was still in its early years and today's episode of the now long running panel show featured Nicholas Parsons along with panelists Kenneth Williams, Clement Freud, Peter Jones and Aimi Macdonald.

There was classic drama with Thea Holme's adaptation of Jane Austen's Mansfield Park (3pm) starring Jill Bacon, Sara Coward, Peter Egan and Nigel Lambert.

Ken Dodd was back with a daft half hour at 6.15pm in The Ken Dodd Show while at 8pm the second of five documentary programmes presented by Rene Cutforth celebrating the BBC's Fifty Broadcasting Years looked at The BBC at War through archive recordings.

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