Thursday, 21 November 2013

Celebrating Forty Years With The Marmalade - Sandy Newman Interview

Sandy Newman
The Sensational 60s Experience is currently touring the UK with an appearance at St David's Hall tonight featuring  such notable chart legends as The Marmalade, Herman’s Hermits, Chris Farlowe & Steve Ellis’ Love Affair.

Described as being unpretentious and irresistibly commercial Glasgow’s the Marmalade scored in the UK charts in May 1968 with Lovin' Things and later, number one with the Marmalade anthem Ob La Di Ob La Da, another classic  Reflections Of My Life. Then followed in quick succession, Cousin Norman, Back On The Road, Radancer and Falling apart At The Seams

Lead singer Sandy Newman toured with the Marmalade during their 60s heyday in the Chris McLure section, “The Marmalade was the first band to really go for it,” he says, “ to be poor and go to London which was a huge thing in those days. You could have bands that were international and lived in Scotland they were always in London.” 

Sandy joined the band full time in November 1973 prior to them recording their international hit Falling Apart at The Seams, and has continued to be a driving force within the group for the past forty years. 

More recently, the band have been back in the studio recording their latest album Penultimate which features 6 brand new songs , three of which Sandy has written with his son, John James Newman. “At the moment I'm kind of excited about whats going on in the current band.  We’ve started to get the old band vibe back. Its never necessarily always about the songs, theres a bit of visual,  action and energy.” 

Sandy says of the set they will perform on the current tour, “ We're going to be doing a few teasers from the new album, but they will be teasers because it’s a 60s show.”

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