Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Dad's Army Episode Guide: The Complete Television Series 1

The Following episodes of Dad's Army were broadcast on BBC1 on Wednesday evenings between  31 July - 11 September 1968. All were made in Black and White.

The Man and The Hour (31 July 1968)
It's May 1940; Sir Anthony Eden makes his announcement to the nation that a new home defence is to be formed for which to defend Britain's homes - the Local Defence Volunteers. 

Museum Piece (7 August 1968) 
The LDV attempt to requisition some antiquated war weapons from the Peabody museum but are continually thwarted by it's caretaker, which happens to be Corporal Jones father!

Command Decision (14 August 1968) 
Captain Mainwaring has to make an important decision,should he stand down and let Captain Square join the LDV in order that they can be armed with Square's own rifles?

The Enemy Within the Gates (28 August 1968) 
Captain Mainwaring has a run in with a Polish commander, while German parachutists are captured by Jones, Pike and Walker.

The Showing Up of Corporal Jones (4 September 1968) 
Corporal Jones has to prove he is fit enough to stay within the Home Guard by completing an assault course in 12 minutes.

Shooting Pains (11 September 1968) 
The platoon have to prove their worth by correctly using their firearms, as none of them are very capable, they enlist the help of a showgirl!

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