Monday, 2 December 2013

Stars on 45RPM: Sounds of 1979 with Sparks and Lene Lovich

Although picture sleeves were commonplace around the world for 45RPM singles during the 1960s they were pretty rare in the UK. Infact picture sleeves on UK singles didnt become commonplace until the mid to late 70s.

Here are two singles from 1979...

Lene Lovich - Say When

Lene Lovich: Say When / One Lonely Heart, Stiff BUY46

Say When was Lene Lovich's follow up to her UK smash Lucky Number

With a look of a 1920s film starlet and distinctive sounding energetic records Lene was definitely one of the most interesting female singers around in 1979.

Say When only peaked at No.19 in the UK chart but was a popular airplay hit at the time (and no doubt sold a lot more records back then that it would even take to get to Number One now).

The Sleeve for Say When comes with some really funky dance moves on the reverse (a good two decades before Steps were doing such things on their CD singles).Clearly a lady well ahead of her time!

For more on Lene visit the Lene Lovich Official Website

Sparks - Beat The Clock

Sparks: Beat The Clock/ Alternative Mix, Virgin VS270

I became aware of Sparks in 1974 as a 6 year old watching the band perform This Town Ain't Big Enough For The Both Of Us on Top Of The Pops.

Brothers Ron and Russell Mael intelligent lyrics mixed with energetic delivery from Russell and the somewhat comical deadpan reaction disinterest from keyboard player Ron of the pop pandemonium descending around him made comical viewing to my eyes.

The pair had a brief revival in the UK charts in 1979 with Beat The Clock a Giorgio Moroder produced disco track with an imaginative pop video featuring lots of the bands charisma, and it still sounds great today.

More on Sparks: The Official Website


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