Sunday, 15 December 2013

Those Radio Times Advent Calendar: Ed and Zed!

In today's Those Radio Times Advent Calendar it's back to Saturday December 19, 1970 for the last in the Saturday lunchtime series Ed and Zed!

No doubt a forerunner for all those Saturday morning shows such as Multi-Coloured Swap Shop and Tiswas that appeared later in the decade, this programme was fronted by a popular Radio 1 DJ Ed Stewart and a rebellious robot called Zed.

Guests in today's show, were Peter Noone with Herman's Hermits and Roger Spear's Giant Kinetic Wardrobe as well as a clip from Disney's Fantasia.

Ed and Zed parted company after this series of shows never to be united on TV again, similarly Peter Noone split with the original Herman's Hermits line-up in 1971 for a solo career.

It was indeed the end of an era!

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