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Dad's Army Episode Guide: The Complete Television Series 3

The Following episodes of Dad's Army were broadcast on BBC1 on Thursday evenings between  11 September - 11 December 1969. All were made in colour.

The Armoured Might of Lance Corporal Jones (11 September 1969) 
Jones' butchers van is to be used as platoon transport, but Walkers plans for claiming petrol coupons for it don't quite go to plan.

Battle School (18 September 1969)
A weekend exercise goes from disaster to disaster and Captain Mainwaring not only has to capture General Rodriguez HQ but also his platoon's confidence!

The Lion Has 'Phones' (25 September 1969)
A telecommunications exercise prepares the platoon for an enemy aircraft crashing in the local reservoir.

The Bullet is Not For Firing (2 October 1969) 
Number one platoon are held in a court of enquiry when it is discovered their ammunition has been used in an air-raid.

Something Nasty in the Vault (9 October 1969) 
A bomb lands in the bank vault with Captain Mainwaring & Sgt Wilson left holding it.

Room at the Bottom  (16 October 1969) 
Mainwaring finds himself against a formidable enemy when he is reduced to the ranks.

Big Guns (23 October 1969) 
The platoon gain a new weapon, but need to discover a drill in operating it.

The Day The Balloon Went Up (30 October 1969) 
A stray barrage balloon has to be brought down to earth - and so does Captain Mainwaring.

War Dance (6 November 1969) 
A dance is to be organised for the platoon and their sweethearts, but Private Pike decides it will be the venue for the announcement of his forthcoming marriage much to Wilson's horror.

Menace from the Deep (13 November 1969) 
The platoon are marooned on the Novelty rock emporium pier head and to make matters worse are joined by Hodges and a sea-mine.

Branded (20 November 1969) 
Private Godfrey reveals he was a contentious objector in the First World War. However, Captain Mainwaring is far from impressed...

Man-Hunt (27 November 1969) 
The platoon are searching for evidence of whether a German Parachutist is on the run or not... and the clue is in several dozen pairs of ladies negligee which Private Walker has recently sold to the female residents of the town...

No Spring for Frazer (4 December 1969) 
Private Frazer loses the Butterfly spring of the Lewis gun in his charge... and the platoon have to resort to extreme measures to try and recover it.

Sons of the Sea (12 December 1969) 
A river patrol goes disastrously wrong for Captain Mainwaring's platoon as they end up lost in the English Channel.

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