Saturday, 18 January 2014

Dad's Army Memorabilia: The Dad's Army Annual 1978

Dad's Army Annual 1978
Published in Great Britain, World Distributors, 1977
£1.35p, SBN 7235 0438 5, 64 pages

The final television episode of  Dad's Army was broadcast on Remembrance Sunday 1977, so this was also the year that World Distributors published their final annual. 

An excellent cover design, even if the image of Arthur Lowe as Captain Mainwaring had already graced two previous covers. 

The price this year had increased over double than previous years (25p), but still quite a bargain. (My copy was evermore so - my mother found it on a post-Christmas shopping trip to Asda reduced to 25p!)

Text Stories: 
Fire! Fire!
Once a Soldier
Always a Soldier
On Course With the Captain
Friends or Foes?
Operation Evacuees

Cartoon Strip Stories: 
Getting to Betsy
The Hero

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