Saturday, 11 January 2014

Dad's Army Memorabilia: The Dad's Army Annual 1977

Dad's Army Annual 1977
published in Great Britain, World Distributors, 1976
£1.10, SBN 7235 0350 8, 64 pages

The 1977 Dad's Army annual followed the great quality standards of artwork and stories set by previous annuals, and although there hadnt been a new series of Dad's Army in 1976, World Distributors evidently felt there was still a demand for an annual.

The book contains the usual dazzling array of stories and cartoon strips as well as features including Private Godfrey's (brief!) Home Guard diary.

The cover features an illustration based on the photograph that appears on the rear cover of the 1974 annual.

Text Stories: 
Gorilla Warfare
Night Manoevres
Tank Tactics
A Case Of Mistaken Identity
A Star Is Born
The Captains Clanger

Cartoon Strip Stories: 
Raising a Stink 
The Magnificent Eleven

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