Saturday, 4 January 2014

Dad's Army Memorabilia: The Dad's Army Annual 1976

Dad's Army Annual 1976
published in Great Britain, World Distributors, 1975
£1.00, SBN 7235 0319 2, 64 pages

The 1976 Dad's Army annual, not only featured splendid artwork on the front and rear cover but was thoroughly well illustrated inside.

The page count for the 1976 annual was reduced from the previous years 80 pages to 64 pages.

The character of ARP Warden Hodges, featured very prominently in this years stories, and even stole the title of the opening story of the book.

The cover featured artwork of Captain Mainwaring, Sergeant Wilson, Lance-Corporal Jones and Private Frazer.

Text Stories: 
Yo Ho, Hodges
The Usurper
Tomorrow's Heroes
Ladies First!
Roll 'Em!
The Captain Plays Cards

Cartoon Strip Stories: 
Fishy Business
The Documents

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