Thursday, 20 March 2014

Recent Vinyl Finds: Bing, Reg and Russ!

Bing Crosby: 101 Gang Songs -Part 1
This recent vinyl find 101 Gang Songs - Part 1 is a Bing Crosby LP from 1960 complete with lyric sheet. Strange because I always thought The Beatles were the first innovators of printing lyrics on their Sgt Pepper album in 1967, seems Bing had done it much earlier! Found for a £1
Reginald Dixon: Mr Blackpool
Organist Reginald Dixon entertained millions of BBC Radio listeners from the 1930s onwards. Here's an MFP reissue of a 1964 album entitled Mr.Blackpool which was reissued on MFP in the late 1960s. I particularly like the colourful cover, something MFP were particularly good at presenting in their early days. The album also has an inscription on the reverse which seems to read To The Goerge From Peter. A nice find for 20p!

Russ Conway: Always You and Me
From organist to pianist here's another Russ Conway find. Always You and Me is a double LP release on Music For Pleasure featuring recordings from the 1960s - a snip at 20p!

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