Monday, 24 March 2014

Retro Vinyl Find: I Like It - 20 Golden Hits of the 60's (Music For Pleasure, 1974)

By the mid 1970s Music For Pleasure's Hot Hits series which provided record buyers with anonymous cover versions of chart hits at a bargain price was beginning to slow down.

Its interesting that the maker of the Hot Hits albums Bill Wellings, a specialist in copycat cover albums was also commissioned by Music for Pleasure to produce themed albums featuring hits on a theme. In this case, it was 20 Golden Hits of the 60's (MFP 50110) released in 1974.

Hits popularised by The Beatles, Rolling Stones, Gerry and The Pacemakers (whose 1963 Number One I Like It lent its title to the album), The Searchers and Manfred Mann were all given the cover version treatment, packaged with a smart looking album cover featuring a leggy blond and a mod on a Vesper motorcycle.

This copy of which I recently located for 20p has a stamp on the reverse of the sleeve stating the contents were manufactured in the USA.

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