Thursday, 27 March 2014

Retro Vinyl Spotlight On Russ Conway

Always You And Me EP
In 1959, pianist Russ Conway topped the UK charts twice with his singles Side-Saddle and Roulette.

His frequent appearances on BBC TV's The Billy Cotton Band Show ensured the talented performers popularity with the record buying public particularly as his distinct pub piano style had broad appeal to all generations.
Happy Days (No.1) EP
I discovered the majority of these records within weeks of each other last Summer in various charity shops in Newport and Cardiff. The Two EP's literally days within each other. I love the EP format, which peaked in the early 60s particularly aimed at record buyers who couldn't quite afford the full price of an album. Russ's Happy Days EP features six tracks while Always You And Me features four.
Russ Conway Plays Jolson Hits LP
EMI's budget label  Music For Pleasure released several Russ Conway albums over the years. Russ Conway Plays Jolson Hits released in 1969 spotlighted the music of American entertainer Al Jolson in Russ's unique style.
Russ Conway Plays LP
Another 60s MFP release found Russ playing such evergreen classics such as Try A Little Tenderness, while looking pretty snazzy on the album cover - no doubt several housewives choices of the day!
Always You And Me LP
Here's my most recent Russ Conway find, Always You And Me double LP from the early 80s which is actually a compilation of two Russ Conway concerto albums from the 60s.

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