Monday, 14 April 2014

Retro Vinyl Find: Anita in Jumbleland by Anita Harris, (CBS, 1970)

Whilst looking through various vintage vinyl albums recently I've been fortunate to come across what I consider to be vinyl gems. Here's an LP I recently found in Newport's Scope shop from 1971 featuring music from Anita Harris' 1970 Children's TV series Anita in Jumbleland.

If I was old enough to have a television crush in the early 70s Anita Harris was probably my first, I always associate her with appearances on shows such as Anita In Jumbleland and David Nixon's magic programme and definitely periods of time when the family sat around the box to watch light entertainment!

This CBS released LP features songs evidently with a lighter slant including Right Said Fred, I Can Sing a Rainbow, Flash Bang Wallop and a cover of The Beatles' Maxwell Silver Hammer!

Anita Harris On Retrospace:

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