Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Retro Vinyl Finds: Great Film Themes by The New Hollywood Orchestra (Music For Pleasure, 1967)

A few years before Geoff Love and his Orchestra started putting out albums on Music For Pleasure, The New Hollywood Orchestra ran a series of Great Film Themes on the label.

The first of these appeared in 1967 with Great Film Themes No1 (MFP1204) and No2 (MFP1218).

There was no real premise to these albums except that the music had to be featured in a popular movie.

The first album featured music from Lawrence of Arabia, Gone With The Wind, Exodus and Bridge on The River Kwai while the second release featured The James Bond Theme, Alfie, A Man Could Get Killed and Black Orpheus.

Although the series ran to five volumes (the last appearing in 1969), I have no idea who The New Hollywood Orchestra were or indeed what happened to them.

From 1969 onwards most film theme albums were recorded by Geoff Love and His Orchestra so it seems The New Hollywood Orchestra soon became redundant.

The name of The New Hollywood Orchestra sounds fairly generic, so I'm assuming the releases were compiled by Music For Pleasure in order to give an identity to the album series, but if anyone knows anymore information or indeed if you knew of someone who worked on these releases I'd be more than pleased to hear from you!

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